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Premises Liability for Property Under Construction

Premises Liability insurance offers protection for owners from exposures that arise out of vacant property ownership during construction, including the cost of events like slip and fall injuries. Residential and commercial owners need this coverage when undergoing new construction or remodeling at an unoccupied property or land where there is no existing property coverage already in place.

Premises liability insurance for property owners is a separate, complementary policy to a builders risk policy, and it does not take the place of the contractor’s commercial general liability policy.

Eligible clients: Residential and commercial Property Owners undergoing new construction or remodeling projects

Ineligible clients: Contractors or contracting companies that do not legally own the premises

Ineligible risks

  • Occupied properties – property must be vacant.
  • Residential land in excess of 5 acres; commercial land in excess of 10 acres.
  • Properties with more than four units on its premises.
  • Coverage is excluded for swimming pools, ponds, lakes, trampolines and swing sets in most states.
  • Fuel tanks or property formerly containing underground fuel tanks.
  • Pollution exposures of any kind.
  • Property with any business or farming conducted on premises.
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